Why I Love Birchbox

Why I Love Birchbox

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Why Birchbox?

As I excitedly unboxed my October 2018 edition of Birchbox, I realised that I hadn’t yet blogged about Birchbox, why I get it or why I love Birchbox as much as I do.

I ruddy love make up, hair and skin products, and as you know, here at My Silly Mummy, we are all about living our best life for less moolah and why it is important to nourish ourselves and implement self care.

Birchbox is the perfect solution! I still get to pamper myself and use expensive products for the cost of a coffee.

With Birchbox, you get to use wonderful quality products for only £10 per month

Let me show you this months box

The Box

One of the things I really enjoy about Birchbox is that we get a different design of box each month. and I always keep the boxes to reuse as make up storage boxes.

This month, following a hectic Summer, Birchbox is welcoming Autumn with a change of pace. The box is emblazoned with Days like these… and is all about “embracing autumnal nostalgia in the best way possible”- slowing down, cozying up at home, and indulging in the first of many pumpkin spiced lattes!

What’s in the box?

Calvin Klein Women Eau de Parfum

As soon as I opened the Days like these box, I could smell something good, and I said to my son, ” oh god I hope that’s an actual perfume”, It was the first thing I picked up in the box. It’s not a full size, obviously, that would just be silly, but it was a 1.2ml trial size bottle, which is good enough for me.

Calvin Klein is not generally a go to brand of perfume for me, I had Eternity back in the day, but I always found the scents too heavy for me.

I’m a changed women! I LOVE this perfume, It smells so feminine, yet light and dare I say it, a little bit sexy.

Daily Concepts Multi Functional Charcoal Sponge

I had never heard of this, and thought this sounds great. It is a 2-in-1 soap sponge. The soap is on the outside and the sponge inside. It combines a detoxifying charcoal cleanser with a gentle, exfoliating sponge. I just wet the sponge and squeezed it to create the foam, and lathered my face up!

Charcoal purifies and balances all skin types and my skin needs some serious rejuvenation after summer and I was impressed. This left my skin feeling really nice, refreshed and very clean.

Winky Lux

Next out of the box was Winky Lux ; a strobing balm, in Radiant Pink.

It is a cruelty free Highlighter, and I love me a bit of Highlighter!!

It was really nice and creamy to apply. I applied and blended with my fingers, I’m not a great fan of blending highlighter with blenders. I find using my fingers helps it blend that little more seamlessly. Again, I was impressed and would highly recommend if you are looking for a nice highlighter.

amika Soulfood Nourishing mask

I Love amika dry shampoo, and was keen to try the Hair mask.

It is hard to see how this works over time, but following my first use, I found my hair to be really well conditioned, soft and manageable. My hair is in good condition so no obvious signs of improvement, but it felt good and smelled lovely.

This is really the time of year we all need to be nourishing our locks. The hairdresser in me feels compelled to tell you why….. The upcoming cold, central heating and wind that is ahead of this winter following the heat, sun and chlorine of summer really do cause damage to the hair and left untreated now, we can look forward to seriously frazzled locks by Christmas.

It is so important to use conditioning treatments right now

Doucce Luscious Lip Stain in Amber Rose

I Love it when Birchbox send a lip product, so was very happy to receive this, gorgeous colour. It applied nicely and dried fast to a matt finish. The bonus was it lasted me from school run in the morning to pick up in the afternoon… Result!!

BeautyPro THERMOTHERAPY Warming Gold Foil Mask

I couldn’t wait to try this!

It is a hi-tech sheet mask infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid and regenerating Q10. It’s a self warmer, and for me that’s a winner of a mask. I absolutely love self warming mask. To me, a mask is the ultimate self-care pamper item. This product claims to help improve elasticity, reduce fine lines and boost glow. I cant say I saw a reduction in lines, but my skin felt brighter, a little plumper felt soft to touch afterwards. This is definitely a mask I would use again.

All in all, October Birchbox, you did good!! I feel pampered from head to toe and I’ve discovered a Calvin Klein perfume I actually LOVE and I will be treating myself to a full size one for the festive season.

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