Ways to celebrate National Boyfriend Day..When there is no Boyfriend

Ways to celebrate National Boyfriend Day..When there is no Boyfriend

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National Boyfriend Day 2018

October 3rd is National Boyfriend Day, Who knew there was a National Boyfriend Day? I certainly didn’t. This year I am taking part in my very first Blogtober, and today’s prompt is indeed National Boyfriend Day……. Oh dear where do I even start?

National Boyfriend Day is a day in which those whom are loved up get to celebrate the fact they have bagged themselves a good un!

3 Ways you could celebrate National Boyfriend Day ( IF you have one…)

The first way you could celebrate

Tell him its Boyfriend day. In my experience of men, just the simple mention that its his day, he will feel he is on somewhat of a pedestal and make him feel that little bit more special than he already does….

The second way you could celebrate

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Some would suggest cooking for your boyfriend, and if you love to cook for your man, go for it. I would suggest you both go out for a meal. This way he feels happy and content that he’s been fed well, and so do you , without the preparing, cooking and washing up!

The third way you could celebrate

It’s getting chilly out there, Autumn is here, put your feet up snuggle together under a nice cozy blanket, with a drink of choice and watch something good on Netflix.

How will I celebrate National Boyfriend Day ?

The simple answer is that the very act of me writing this post is my one and only nod to Boyfriend Day. I have been happily single for exactly 8 years.

I have had great boyfriends and very very not-so great boyfriends but in all honesty I am very very happy being single.

Have I had my heart broken? Yes

Would I like to meet someone? Yes but he really would have to be someone special for me to consider opening my heart to someone again.

What would I want from a man? This is really making me think…… I think he would have to be Funny, someone I could trust around my boys, someone independent, with interests and passions, someone who brings the best out in me. Faithful .

Would I try online dating? No it’s not for me. I’m too suspicious of men. I installed Tinder and then got rid of the app after the first message off a guy because I thought he was strange for messaging……. I said I’m suspicious

So there we have it, National Boyfriend Day. Safe to say I will be

1 …..Cooking dinner for me and the kiddos this evening.

2……Snuggling up on the sofa eating chocolate.

3…..Watching what I want to watch on Netflix.

4……Have a lovely self Care evening of pampering.

5……Writing , Doing what I love.

6……Having my snugly bed ALL to myself.

7…… Not having to chat once the boys are asleep……Bliss.

What will you be doing to celebrate??


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  1. 5th October 2019 / 8:47 pm

    Aww! What a cute day!
    I’m glad my fella didn’t know it was boyfriend day. He would have milked it. x

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