The Ultimate Fall/ Autumn Bucket List

The Ultimate Fall/ Autumn Bucket List

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Create wonderful Fall / Autumn Memories with these ideas

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE this time of year!!!!. I seem to come alive in Autumn and this year is no different. Being observant and present is the key. Appreciating the changing colours, the changing weather, the hearty foods, textures and cozy days indoors costs nothing and that can only be a bonus when Christmas is around the corner. I thought I would share with you my ultimate Fall/ Autumn bucket list to help you create wonderful memories this season.

Go Outdoors

There are an abundance of activities to do outdoors this season. You’re simply missing a trick to think that if it’s cold or wet you have stay in and keep cozy. It’s beautiful out there, you feel the gratitude and be present. It’s FREE too so make the most of it. Here are some of my favourite outdoor ideas.

Go Apple picking

Walk, Kick, admire, Go for it!… dive into some Autumn leaves

Forage for blackberries or Sloe berries

Hunt for conkers

Go for walks and simply admire the changing colours and change of season

Go on nature walk early in the morning

Have a photo shoot

Toast marshmallows on an outdoor fire

Get your garden organised for winter

Plant spring flowering bulbs

Collect beautiful coloured leaves to craft with

Do Bark rubbings

Go Geocaching

Create a scavenger hunt for the family

Paint and hide rocks

Feed the ducks

Dance in the rain

Go worm hunting

Go Stargazing

Collect pinecones

Fly a kite

Get Cozy Indoors

Movie Night

Press leaves

Make biscuits

Make a hearty casserole

Drink hot chocolates

Make or have Soup

Create a vision board

Vision board

Make time to pamper yourself

Have a games night with the family

Make handmade Christmas cards

Make an apple pie or crumble from your finds outdoors

Even better, make homemade Gin

Create a bowl of goodness with pinecones, conkers, cinnamon sticks, star anise and essential oils

Make autumnal crafts, for example leaf bunting, apple prints or a collage with leaves

Carve pumpkins

Autumn Bucket List Create lasting memories for Fall

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