The Fartist Club

The Fartist Club

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Fighting all things clean with the new fart-tastic Fartist Club #AD

It’s no secret that Reece loves new toys. It’s also no secret to Mums of boys, that those boys love farts and fart jokes. Reece was super happy with the figure peeking out of a box that had arrived for him. Just waiting for fun and to be played with. It didn’t disappoint him one bit!

Reece has LOVED testing him out. If I’m honest I think it’s hilarious, Let us tell you all about The Fartist Club!

Farty Flip

The figure itself has loads of detail and is of a great quality. Reece has found it hysterical that it farts when you pull his finger. As there is a 10 second delay between finger pulling and fart sound, he finds it even funnier when he does it and everyone things someones let rip!

The toy also comes with code included for the Fartist club app, which was an added bonus considering they retail at only £9.99.Pull Farty Flips finger and wait for the Fart

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In short I think the toy is great fun and Reece adores him, so much so he has asked Santa Claus for the rest of the gang.

The Fartist Club is the creation of Eolo. The company’s ethos is “Keep smiling” This has shaped everything they do. Eolo design indoor and outdoor toys for children aged 5 to 12 from their office in Spain and aim to continue the mission statement from the founder of the company Rafael Prieto, to keep Children smiling. The Fartist Club certainly does that! We still laugh at each suprise fart.

There are several members of Fartist club, A gassy gang of farting friends, each Fartist Club has mastered the art of fart! Fighting for their right to Farty! Each character is 12 cm tall and comes with 10 unique fart sounds that activates when their finger is pulled. Each character also comes with a fart delay function so you can set it up and let it rip when people least expect, perfect for pranks!

Farty Flip (RRP: £9.99) is a wicked dude with serious skateboard skills who loves to do dirty tricks with his custom-made toilet seat-deck. Wherever there is dirt to skate through, Flip is around! His board is a rolling collection of pizza and poo remains. The nasty smell is unbearable but Flip doesn’t seem to notice, as a matter of fart he likes to rip a good bum gasser! With his ‘360 fart to grind’ trick you better make sure to run and hide, otherwise you might need to change your shirt.

Windy Wendy (RRP: £9.99) is the smartest of the greasy bunch by far. Besides a dubious odour, interest and a degree in smelly science, she is obsessed with the noble art of smell experiments. Her colleagues however, disagree! To keep them out of the lab she fabricates the most vivid fart stenches imaginable, but sometimes things go wrong and the stenches are unleashed! Even Wendy has to get out immediately, which she does on her pink roller-skates!

Ripping Randy (RRP: £9.99) is the greatest guitar player ever… at least that’s what he thinks. He created his unique fuzzy fart guitar sound in the FartRock Café during a smelly talent show and won the stinking trophy with his incredible Fartisimo solo! Since that night, he’s on a smelly mission to rip and roll straight from the hole. Nowadays everybody knows his greatest hits such as: Fart Me Up, Before You Go Go, and The Final Fartdown.

Munchy Max (RRP: £9.99) is a dirty dog, yet very loyal to his filthy friends. Always on the lookout for mouldy much; fungus, maggots, flees or flies never held him back. No garbage bin is safe from Max, if there is not a foul smell on his findings, he won’t trust it! Due to his dirty diet there is a constant flow of terrible gas eruptions from down under, but Munchy Max doesn’t mind. He loves a good smeller and just makes his mark!

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