The 7 Ways I became a Morning Person

The 7 Ways I became a Morning Person

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7 Ways I became a Morning Person

I thought I’d share with you 7 little changes I made to my routine to become a Morning person because we all know that familiar feeling when the alarm goes off and you lean over and you hit that snooze button heading back to your blissful sleepy slumber.

Then the chaos begins with the twenty minute dash to get everyone up and out of the door to school.

With my anxiety I do not cope well with being disorganized, I panic and rushing like that can cause my entire day to be a write off.

I realized a few years ago that my mornings were setting me up for failure for the day so I changed it up and created my little routine

I know now that having my shit together in the morning can elevate me, give me focus and and I feel positive and driven for the day. That is why I have a routine that works and I would definitely class my self as a morning person

Being a morning person doesn’t just start for me in the morning. Most of it starts the evening before.

Once the boys are settled , I check I’ve signed any letters for their school bags and make sure PE kits are ready.

I put shoes, coats, hats and whatever else the boys will need for the following day by the door ready to grab. There’s nothing more annoying than having to hunt through toys for a shoe ten minutes before school !

Then I make sure I have my clothes picked out and set out for the next day. It saves having to make a decision in the morning about what I want to wear.

Every night , the last thing I do is I write down ten things that I’m grateful for in life. Focusing on the good little things truly creates a shift in positivity.

I know it’s really boring but I’m in bed for ten.

Another trick I’ve picked up is I put my alarm clock in the qwindo across my room, because it urges me to get out of bed to switch it off.

By the time I open my curtains I’m in my morning routine zone, it took a little practice but I do it automatically now and repeat my little mantra until I’m completely in the zone

Then I’m ready for action! I’m ready for the day and I relax and enjoy my coffee, and my boys before school. There’s no rush, no drama the mornings are a pleasure.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Let me know, also I would love to hear from you if you decide to be a morning person and wether it helps you at all.

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