Self Care tips for Busy Mamas

Self Care tips for Busy Mamas

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Why Self-Care is Vital for busy Mamas

It’s great isn’t it? That feeling of success. Smashing your goals and exceeding them. It is, but often alongside the 21st century woman smashing her goals and career, being an active member of the community and social butterfly, she is also busy being a Mama and running a home and the kids social lives. I firmly believe in the value of self care for Mamas, without it the whole ship can fall down.

Why I had to practice what I preach

During September all my studies and hard work began to pay off and I began receiving loads of fantastic opportunities.

My work load had been increasing all year and enjoyed a lovely summer holidays with the children. Happily keeping them entertained whilst running the house well, myself, as single mum’s do.

Running my hairdressing business whilst studying and staying up until the early hours perfecting and writing my blog. Along with blogging comes a lot of networking and promoting, which is all wonderful, that is the dream. With all this going on I forgot all about one vital thingMe!!!

I had began to feel poorly all week, headachey. I felt I had lost all focus. Not enough.

I felt blocked at work, not inspired to write anything, my brain was tired. I was tired. Everything felt strained. I felt Impostor syndrome and a general feeling of who am I kidding?


Feeling overwhelmed, I got my note pad out and tried to work out why I was feeling so low. I knew there was no problem as such, but i scribbled all my frustrations down on paper, as i do. The outcome was simple. I was tired and I had forgotten myself and I needed to make sure I was making time for me.

Self-care is so important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. It creates positive feelings about yourself and increases self confidence and self esteem ( I had gradually been feeling less and less self esteem )

Self-care also reminds yourself and others that you are important too.

Self care is a way of integrating self compassion into your life which in turn prevents burnout and is a great tool to increase energy levels.

My methods of Self-care

The first thing to slide with me if I feel overwhelmed is my appearance. I will do what I need to do and that is the bare minimum. I will wear the first thing I grab and it’s a case of getting out of the door.

Pampered the heck out of myself.

I gave myself facials, face mask and conditioning treatment. Nothing soothes my soul more than a warm soak with a bath bomb, whilst in the bath listening to music, candles lit and thinking of all the things I am grateful for.

Walk in the Countryside

I’m so lucky that two minutes from my door is open countyside. It grounds me and makes me feel more like my true self. I don’t know if that is because it is connecting with nature or the fact I grew up on a small rural farm but I know it has a simplistic peaceful solution to any concerns.


I wack on some tunes in the kitchen and I dance like I haven’t a care in the world. It releases my endorphins and makes me feel more myself.

I’m pleased to say today I feel fantastic! still busy but I remind myself that was the goal and I’m grateful for that, but I have also reminded myself to take time to relax, to make time for me and that it’s OK to say NO to things I don’t want to do or have time to do .

Do you make time for Self-care, What are your go to’s to make time for yourself?

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