More uses for Milton

More uses for Milton

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Milton , It’s not just for bottles !

It’s not a well known fact, but I absolutely LOVE the smell of Milton. Weird, I know, but hey, that’s me! The aroma takes me right back to using Milton in the cold water sterilizer when the big two were babies. For that reason alone it is enough reason to continue using it and there are many more uses for Milton

Why use it, when there’s no baby? I hear you ask?

Although I love the smell, and it will forever remind me of those baby days, it’s not just for nostalgia. I simply have come to know and trust it as a product for all purposes.

I always use Milton for so many things. I use it to wipe over the sink, worktops, microwave and units. It’s great for keeping the bin clean and smelling nice.

I thought I would share a few of my other uses for Milton.

Keep flowers fresh for longer

To keep my flowers fresh for longer, I just add a few drops of Milton to the water. I have no idea of the science behind how or why they do, they just do.

Clean the fridge

A couple of months ago, my old fridge failed me. With Christmas being around the corner and having to watch the pennies, I began to look for a new fridge. My eagle eyed sister spotted one for sale on a local Facebook group and although it looked battered on the picture, the guy assured me it worked well. When it arrived I gave it a really good clean, then cleaned again with Milton. Voila!!! I now have a huge, clean, fresh smelling, and most importantly , sterile fridge freezer for the grand total of £20.

Clean the Toys

An absolute breeding ground for germs is the toy box. It’s an essential for me to go through the toys and sterilise them before those Winter bugs set in. I also ensure I do this if there is bugs going round at school, just in case.

Pinterst Graphic for MILTON

Clean the door handles

Another essential for me is to use Milton on door handles. The door handles are touched by everyone entering and using your home. You know how it is when they are at school, It’s just one bug after the other and I find if the door handles are kept clean., it keeps those pesky bugs at bay.

Do you use Milton at home long after the baby days? If you know of any other uses for it LET ME KNOW PLEASE !!

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