Living Arrows- 36/52{2019}

Living Arrows- 36/52{2019}

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Living Arrows

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Living Arrows is a wonderful link up of blogs to share in the magic of childhood by sharing a moment from the week. I think this is a fantastic way of sharing the moments that possibly don’t go into the usual blog posts and also be a lovely batch of posts to look back on in years to come.

This Week

The boys have been back at school for a week now and I won’t lie I have struggled to get back into our usual routine. We enjoyed such a lovely chilled Summer, so the adjustment to early mornings and time scheduled throughout the days has been a struggle! I think that could partly down to going back half way through the week as this week has been much easier.

This year sees Dylan going into his last year of school! I still can’t believe how he’s got to this point. He’s facing the decision of which University’s to apply to which is HUGE more so because he’s torn as to what he wants to do.

Reece is now in Class 3 ……….HOW??? He’s my baby he shouldn’t be in Class 3 Yet!!!


Our village has been an absolute pleasure to be in this week. A week which has seen a scarecrow festival, which so many people joined in with and so lots of people visiting the village to take a walk around and see them all. There was judging involved needless to say mine did not win. Mainly due to fact that my what was going to be a mermaid was too shambolic to ever be one and inevitably ended up being me! Complete with keyboard, Cat , Straw for hair and a Santa hat…….. Cheers boys.

We also saw the bike race come through our village and again a fab turn out from everyone. The village was adorned with bunting, Yellow bikes and some of the scarecrows left out on display for the occasion. Not my scarecrow as she fell in half on day 1.

I’m enjoying my new job at the village shop, which is so, so handy as it is just around the corner from home. I’m still doing hair but having the job at the shop really takes the pressure off me as a single mum the buck stops with me in every way and I need to know I have a guaranteed income. It also helps us to enjoy a few of the nicer things in life, and you know I’m all about the manifesting our best life!!!

Living Arrows

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