Coping with Christmas Overwhelm

Coping with Christmas Overwhelm

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Christmas Overwhelm

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year isn’t it? We all think of it fondly and as December draws ever closer, we become more and more obsessive about it. Determined to create the most magical Christmas ever for our family.

The fact is, Christmas can become a little bit overwhelming the nearer it gets, and no matter how organised you think you are or want to be, we get thrown curve balls and that’s life.

The trick to beating the Christmas overwhelm is how you react to those curve balls.


I’ve been there many times.

You have a dream of how it’s going to go. You will have the perfect decorations, find the perfect gifts, the best food. You will plan parties, and trips for the family. You will bake cakes and do crafting.

The fact is, life happens. People become ill. The kids don’t want to craft, or bake with you. You can’t afford the things you want. You miss the perfect turkey. The cards aren’t even written, you have to work, when all you need to do is get it all ready.

These are all things that will happen, no matter how much you plan, or how wish it to be perfect. How to stop the stress and feeling all the overwhelm is YOUR MINDSET, and knowing how to deal with it.

Overwhelm often comes from a feeling of losing control, so we need to take back control. Change the things you can and accept the things you can’t.

So you’re feeling out of control, what do you do?

Firstly remove yourself from the situation. Take yourself off to a quiet room, leave it until bedtime if you have a busy household or go out for a walk if you can. Just be for a while.

Take a look around , breathe gently, and observe, What can you see? What do you smell? What can you hear? What can you taste? Look to the positive. What are you grateful for?

Gratitude really does help you realise what the important things are in life. You can be grateful for the love of your family, a roof over your head, the tree blowing in the breeze, anything.

Once you have found that level of inner calm again, take action. A small step is better than standing still.

I would always suggest writing a list of Important tasks and non-important. This will give you clarity on the things you need to do and the things which, quite frankly soak up your time needlessly.

If there is something on your non important list you can do easily, go ahead and do it as the satisfaction of achieving even a small goal will release dopamine into your brain and trigger the feel good feeling that you will crave from achieving tasks at hand.

Learn to say NO

It is so easy to commit to everything that is offered to you over the festive period. Decide what you want to do and do you have time for it?

If there is anything pressing on your time, and you don’t want to go or do it, decline or cancel and forget about it.


Yes the need for control is strong at this time of year Padawan! That is often why feelings of overwhelm arise when you feel your losing that control, but there is simply no need to do it all, if you can delegate or ask for help DO IT!!

Create a plan

No matter how much you have planned, plan it again. get some paper, a pen and create a blank schedule.

Firstly put in your Must do’s. These are the important appointments, school events etc.

What do you need for any of your events? Add them to what day you can prepare these and a reminder on the date to take them.

Do you need to buy gifts? Decide when you can buy these and add to the planner.

Do you need to write cards? Pencil in when you will do this and when you will deliver and post them.

Do you know when you will wrap gifts? Write down when you will do this.

Do you grocery shop online? Can you do this today? If not write down when you can online shop or go shopping.

Do you have events or parties to attend? Do you really want to go? If you do, add it to the planner.

Most of all remember that Christmas is about Love, it is a time for celebration. Try to enjoy the small moments, the coziness of watching Christmas movies together and nice treats. Your Children will remember the excitement, the love and togetherness and if that is all you can do THAT IS ENOUGH .

For Christmas ideas I would LOVE you to check out my Pinterest Christmas board

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