Coole Irish Cream Liqueur

Coole Irish Cream Liqueur

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I have been sampling lots of Christmas food and drink (purely for research purposes) so that I can bring you the best buys around for the festive season. Let’s start with Coole Irish Cream Liqueur, my recommendation for an excellent Christmas tipple!

One of my absolute favourite moments on Christmas Eve, is sitting down, alone as single mums do in the evenings over Christmas, and I breathe a sigh of relief and observe the good work done.

At that point if it isn’t done it won’t be done. Presents wrapped. The Kiddos are asleep, or in the case of my eldest, the pub. The food all in order and for the last 21 years , I always like to put a good movie on and enjoy a nice small drink.

Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur

I Have been keeping my eye out and have come across one I had to share with you , it’s divine!! It is Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur and at the moment it is for sale in John Lewis at only £22.00

Why Coole Swan?

Coole Swan is no ordinary Irish Cream Liqueur – made using the best Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Belgian White Chocolate and the most fantastic light Dairy Cream straight from the family farm it is the perfect tipple for a cold crisp Christmas Eve or Day, or an every Saturday evening treat. It is so nice, It tastes warming, creamy and has just a hint of the white chocolate and I am definitely changing my usual Christmas Irish cream for this.The perfect drink at Christmas.

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