7 Easy ways to save Money this Christmas

7 Easy ways to save Money this Christmas

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Save Money this Christmas

This year is going so fast isn’t it?! If you haven’t been saving for Christmas, now is the time to start thinking about it. Once the school holidays are over , the time flies by by and it is with us. If you start now, however small you can thank me later!

Don’t aim for the Perfect Christmas. Have the Christmas that is perfect for you.

Work out What your budget is for Christmas. Then separate the total amount into sections of Food, gifts and Anything else you will need to enjoy Christmas.

Don’t give for the sake of giving

Only buy gifts for those you truly need to. The Children, Parents or Grandparents.

The people who love you will understand if you say that things are a little bit tight and you wont be able to gift them this Christmas. I am sure if they know you well they know you aren’t a high cash lady. You also don’t need to buy gifts for the teachers, neighbors, friends and colleagues.

I know its the giving that counts but honestly if it’s hard you are taking from yourself just to give. Don’t do it. Very often people are giving to you because you give to them , it’s often a relief if someone tells you the giving deal is off !!

Buy Cheap

There is no need for the grandest showstopping turkey on the table. A turkey crown will do, and frozen is even cheaper. Buy a lesser yet just as satisfactory on the day version.

Shop at the cheaper supermarkets and find out where the cheapest supermarket will be for the brand you want. If you must have a certain brand of Prosecco, find the deal!

Sell, Sell, Sell !!

Do your children play with all their old toys, do they wear all their clothes? If not sell them, you can use selling sites or local groups.

Remember Christmas is about the fun and the memories, there are so many cheap or free things you can do

Fill a box with blown up balloons and wrap it up the kids will love it!

Go for a winter walk in your neighborhood. Make a flask of Hot Chocolate and take in everyone’s Christmas lights, stop and Carol sing for fun!!

Hide a sleigh bell under the tree on Christmas morning, that alone will make it magical for the kids.

We all love to bake at Christmas, but if you need to buy it all from scratch, don’t, you can buy some fantastic treats in the shops for very little, and it saves you precious time.

Make Family Christmas cards, tedious but fun to do with the children, the special cards we buy for loved ones can really be expensive, I’m sure loved ones appreciate home made ones as it’s far nicer when people have taken the time to do it for you.

Have you any tips you would like to share for my readers looking to save money?

Please add them in the comments

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