16 signs you’re a Mum of Boys

16 signs you’re a Mum of Boys

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16 Signs you’re a Mum of Boys

Here I thought I would share with you a humorous take on 16 signs you’re a Mum of Boys. Being a Mum to Boys has been an incredible journey for me, each is unique but these pointers have been consistent with all 3 of my lads.

There will always be that part of me that wishes I’d also had a little girl in addition to my boys and at 43 and single, I’ve come to accept that it won’t happen now. Upon seeing I have three boys people think it’s Ok to ask if I wish I’d had a girl too, I just reply No I was made to be a mum of boys! [bctt tweet=” I was made to be a mum of boys! “]

The 16 signs

I’m the master of poo jokes, sad fact being sometimes i find them funny, you fake laugh for a while, but it tricks your brain into believing they are funny.

My laundry automatically gets sorted in severity of stain levels.

You find yourself saying things on a regular basis like, Hands out of there, don’t lick that, can you pick that up and That’s not a trampoline!

You don’t have ornaments.

” It’s not a race”…………. If you know , you know!

You keep furniture at specific distances apart so that your lounge isn’t turned into an assault course the second you leave the room.

If you leave the lounge for any longer than five minutes, the cushions will not be where they were when you left.

You accept your home also doubles up as a football pitch.

You will need to store a LOT of snacks, you need more of them the older they get.

Sticks in the hall. Sticks in toy boxes

You become a master of spotting tiny Lego parts, its a self defense mechanism.

You also become the master of speed picking up Lego, you’ve done it so often ( because they won’t ) you will develop a method.

You will inevitably become an expert in the field of Minecraft, Roblox, Football and if you’re really lucky, wrestling.

You find yourself shouting Tractor or Fire engine even when your son isn’t with you.

You understand the offside rule.

You will no doubt find yourself giving high-fives to grown adults when something good happens.

The Fartist Club

How about you?

If you are a Mum of Boys I would love you to join in the Fun, leave a comment down below if you have a tell tale sign too

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