10 Reasons why I Love Autumn

10 Reasons why I Love Autumn

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10 Reasons why I love Autumn/Fall

The best season of the year has arrived!

Can you believe it’s Autumn already? This year has flown by hasn’t it. I’m getting all the feels because I love Autumn for so many reasons and I thought I’d get you in the seasonal spirit by sharing with you my top 10 reasons why I love Autumn so much.

The Boys go back to school !

I LOVE my boys being at home but as delicious as the Summer holidays are, I am a creature of habit. I need structure, I need routine. As the weeks roll by our lie ins become later, we spend too much money and I begin to crave my early morning start, uniforms and schedule.

Stay indoors

I’m very much a confident introvert and I feel that in Autumn it’s socially acceptable to stay indoors. You get less invitations to go out and at my age that is only a good thing.

I cannot think of anything worse than being in a nightclub with my younger friends surrounded by youths the same same age as my son!

Walks alone

When you do go for a nice quiet walk, where I live, there’s far less chance of bumping into someone and chatting and I can enjoy the beauty of the changing season that surrounds me.

It’s colder!

I’m not a sun-worshipper by any stretch of the imagination. I get pigmentation problems with my skin in the summer, no matter how much sun cream I apply. I cannot really cope in heat above 21 degrees, I get agitated, tired and annoyed. Once it’s Autumn, I feel well, energetic vibrant and my creative juices start flowing.

Autumnal beauty

I live in the countryside, and the beauty of Autumn blows me away! I totally took it for granted when I was younger but for the past several years I see the beauty of the scenery that surrounds me as if I’m seeing for the first time

Snuggly snuggly

It’s acceptable to be in my pyjamas at 5pm…… Right? If it is or not, I do, and I love snuggling up on the sofa in my trusty dressing gown, coffee to hand nice and snug.

Hearty Food

I hit the casseroles and hearty home cooking in the Autumn and as I overeat in hot weather, I generally lose a little weight and feel much healthier as I get into Autumn. I love my slow cooker and this year I’ll be sharing with you lots of tasty economical casseroles and slow cooker recipes.

Preparing for Christmas

My main love of Autumn is that it’s almost Christmas and I ruddy love Christmas. My entire Autumn is spent preparing for Christmas ( apart from a brief interlude for Halloween) and I will watch Christmas movies each Sunday afternoon, wrapped up in my fleecy throw, preferably with it raining outside. If you want to prepare for your perfect Christmas get on it NOW, check out my planning post The best Christmas ever

The clothes

I love the clothes in Autumn I am a jumpers and jeans woman all the way!! I’m happily a bigger woman and at last I don’t feel the pressure to wear less clothing.

Fun with the boys

I love going for walks with the boys when it’s Autumn and seeing Reece’s face and wonder when he collects acorns, pinecones and conkers. Dylan has found a lot of pleasure in collecting apples for our older neighbours and eating the apple pies they send us as thanks to him.

Yes we live in that kind of village, we are incredibly lucky. Are you an Autumn person too? What are you most looking forward to?

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  1. 5th October 2019 / 8:50 pm

    I do love Autumn, mostly for the same reasons as you! The food, clothes and the beauty of the season x

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