Why I started Blogging

Why I started Blogging

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Why I started Blogging

One of the things I’ve noticed since I started blogging is just how many of my family and friends don’t understand why I’m doing it. 

When they ask why or ask what it is, I tend to say it indulges my creative side, which will often be met with a reply like “Oh really? That’s nice” and the subject is never mentioned again.

I decided to write about why I started blogging as I’m aware of more people I know actually reading my blog then you might understand why I do this.

Who was I?

Following my recovery from my depression, I had to begin learning who I was again. For years I had only functioned getting through each day by day. Focusing only on the boys, I’d lost myself completely. As I began rediscovering myself and what sparked my interests, one of the things I began doing was reading blogs.

Often gaining insights and tips on self-improvement and day-to-day Parenthood.

I was very new to even going online, so I was amazed at how much information, tips or beneficial information you can get in a relatively easy read. Soon enough I began thinking about what I would like to write about.

I think it’s a natural progression to go from reading blogs to want to create your own, and even though I’m not the greatest writer by any stretch of the imagination, it’s the content that counts with blogs.

What do I want to achieve with my blog?

Mainly I want to reach out to others, I want to help others believe that no matter what the situation is. There really are solutions to most problems.

I want to help Mama’s reach their potential and live their absolute best lives ! If I can make people laugh along the way too, even better.

My tech skills then we’re practically non-existent and there was a lot I needed to know, but after half an hour watching you tube I’d set up on blogger and wrote my first post. It was terrible and I felt foolish for thinking I could do it.

The thought of creating my blog had got under my skin. I then set up a new blog on WordPress. I came up with a great name, I wrote weekly but it just wasn’t how I wanted it to be. Then I was contacted by someone with a similarly named blog and within minutes I’d deleted the entire site.

regretted it immediately.

For my birthday this year I bought myself the book Blogs change Lives by Aby Moore. Its full of blogging information and a fascinating story about how she became a blogger and the inspiration she is too many to many bloggers today. I took all the advice given in the book and this time I bought my domain first. Then my host and really made a clear plan as to what this blog is about.

There is still a lot I find really hard and many things I can’t do with my blog YET.

I learn as I go and one of the added bonuses doing this is the wonderful blogging community. I’m meeting so many kind supportive and encouraging women and there are those I can ask for help if I get stuck.


I’ve found my passion at last and I love it.


Have you found something that fuels your passion? Keep popping by because I will be sharing tips on finding your joy.

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