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My Very First Blogmas

Yaaas!!! It’s here, It’s finally here. December is upon us and Christmas is within my grasp. If you visit my blog regularly, you will know I LOVE IT. Since I began blogging, one of my goals, OK it was THE goal, to do Blogmas, and here we are My very first Blogmas. 

What is Blogmas?

Blogmas is a countdown to Christmas of sorts. Bloggers from all around the world aim to blog daily, each day up to the 24th. Each blog varies, some may continue their blog as usual,  do sponsored content, some sharing Christmas preparation tips and others use it to document what they did each day. 

Why do I want to do Blogmas so much?

There are several reason why I’m so happy to be joining in with Blogmas.

Firstly, I have said in other posts that I was very unaware of the world of Blogging until late 2017,  around the time I discovered it was just before Christmas so finding amazing blogs filled with loads of Christmas chat only served to fuel my love of blogs, and made my decision that it was what I wanted to.

I set out on New Years day with the absolute intention of building my blog to the point of doing Blogmas, and I’m bloomin’ doing it!

The second and most important reason for doing it.

The main reason I want to do Blogmas is for my boys and me to look back on.

My eldest is approaching 21 and I don’t say this lightly, the time has gone by so, so fast. We were reminiscing about Christmas just the other night and it made me realise the importance of doing this.

I wish I had been able to document all their Christmas’s. The funny little things that happened, the magic we had, the fun, what toys they got. The big things I remember, and they do to an extent, but not all of it. 

For me , that’s a good enough reason!

Saturday 1st December

The very first words from Reece when he woke were Do you think we have an Elf? Sure enough when we went downstairs there he was sat on the mantle, Reece’s face was priceless. I asked what are we going to call him, ” His name is Fred”. I tried to coerce him into something more elf like , such as Twinkle or Buddy, But no Fred he is!!


We had a really lovely, magical day with Fred surprising the boys with advent calendars and chocolate pancakes during the day. We played with toys and watched The Christmas Chronicles over on Netflix, I highly recommend it for family festive watch. 

The kitten still seems hell bent on trashing my Christmas tree, so if anyone has any tips on stopping it, please let me know as I’m having to put it right on a daily basis. She has lots of toys, so it isn’t boredom, she’s adventurous for sure!!

I hope you join me for more updates during the month, and if you fancy linking up with us and having a go at Blogmas join us ! 

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  1. I love blogmas! I’m not quite joining in this year on my blog but I will be sure to read other people’s posts. It’s such a lovely season and a nice way to celebrate and, as you say, a fab way to document it. Thank you for linking up with #Blogstravaganza 🙂

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