Sleep Well

The Importance of Sleep

A good night sleep is key to feeling great and performing our best the next day and I for one do not function well on less than seven hours. My ideal sleep is around nine hours, much more and I consider it just as bad for me as too little. 

As mothers we deserve some kind of recognition for all those hours, nope, weeks, let’s be honest years of sleepless nights, night feeds and sick nights!!!

A bad nights sleep effects alertness, concentration and mood, and in the long term a lack of sleep can be linked to diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

Research has shown that UK adults are now only sleeping seven hours or less, with one quater of adults getting the recommended 6 to 9 hours sleep.

My Tips for a better nights sleep

Always try to get everything prepared for the next day, so I don’t get any anxiety creeping to mind as I lay attempting to go to sleep. 

Avoid having a lay in , even at weekends. I find this really helps your body become more fixed onto bedtimes and much easier to get up in the mornings.

Be nap smart! I got into a habit, when Reece was a baby of napping when he napped, but once bedtime arrived, I couldn’t sleep and faced with early mornings, alone , I was shattered. That’s what comes with babies, but now he’s six, there’s no room for naps. 

Fight the after dinner tiredness. We all know how the exaustion hits once dinner is done. Going to bed too early can set you up for an uneasy sleep and difficulty dropping off. Simply wind down, but fight the sleep.

In the mornings, try to get out in natural sunlight, even briefly , it will tell your body to wake and become alert.

Try to have a small walk, if you are able too , the excersize is great for mood, and the natural light alerts your body, so once it becomes dark, your body knows it is time to rest.

Try to limit screen time before bed, as it really does keep the brain ticking over and reduces quality sleep.

Keep the room nice and dark, you don’t need to be in pitch black and you can find some really nice lamps and nightlights.


Make your bedroom your sanctuary, your place to relax. Decorate in relaxing colours, and try to add soft beautiful textures and materials.

Invest in a cozy bed. We spend 25% of our lives in bed, so it is worth investing in a comfy supportive mattress. Beds don’t have to be expensive either I’ve had a little search around and found some real bargains here

These are the tips I have picked up to make my sleep a little better. Please , if you have any tips too, please pop them below so we can all sleep a little easier.


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  1. Some great tips Kelly, thank you! I always tend to use an audiobook to help me get to sleep but if it doesn’t work I sometimes try a mindfulness exercise.

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