Our experience of Speech Therapy

Our Speech therapy journey

I know by experience that it’s absolutely heartbreaking to be told by a professional that your precious little one needs speech therapy.  I thought it might be helpful for me to share our experience if your beginning this journey with your little one.


Being the only parent for Reece, we’ve always enjoyed an extremely close bond and I always knew what he was saying to me. I knew he wasn’t clear in saying some words as when chatting people would occasionally say “what did he say?”. I thought he was on track speech wise and perhaps a little fast with his speaking, his brothers and I always understood him.



Reece was referred for speech therapy when he was three and a half, but in all honesty I thought he wouldn’t need it when assessed.



The speech therapist was lovely. On the first visit, she arrived at our home laden with toys, she was friendly, reassuring and most of all, made things fun for him as she assessed his speech. Reece enjoyed playing and the therapist asked him to describe the toys and pictures, it was a lovely relaxed experience.


I was heartbroken when told he would need speech therapy.



My beautiful boy. I felt guilty, was it something I had done? How? Why? What if it never improves?



Reece had fortnightly sessions with a speech therapist, mainly via play until he started school. I was also given tips and hints to follow through with daily at home. I cannot praise his school enough. The school arranged for a support teacher to do one on one sessions with Reece, and she was wonderful and working with the speech therapist came up with games and ideas to keep things progressing without getting bored.



On Christmas eve last year, I received a letter in the post saying that Reece had been released from speech therapy!!! It was the best gift I could have asked for. I hope that if you have only just been referred for speech therapy that you gain a little hope from this post and that a number of factors come with speech delay or problems. Please feel no guilt or hurt, as you can see in our case it was a steady yet nice experience for us as a family.

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