No spend September

Why am I doing a no spend September?

Now that the school holidays are over, I’m looking ahead to the rest of the year with huge anticipation. If you have read my previous posts you will be very aware that this is my favourite time of year, but with all the festivities ahead comes added expense. I’m a single mum and to get my best from life I need to keep a very close eyes on the pennies. I’ve struggled financially over the years. If things broke they didn’t get replaced but I wanted more and I learnt and researched. Now I budget well and I’ve learnt a lot of tricks to still be able to live a great life, feeling great….. Just cheaper! This summer holiday I’ve spent ( and wasted) far too much and I need to get back on board with my finances. To get ahead of the game I decided I would challenge myself to a No spend September.

How will I spend no money for a month?

I’m not going totally balls out, purse closed. What I am going to do is be detailed with my  financial planning for the month. I’m going to pay my essential bills and food and anything that’s necessary for the boy’s but nothing else.

So what are my essential payments?

In my essential payments I will pay all the household outgoings, such as council tax, Electricity, water, telephone bills. We love Netflix, but we also have Now Tv so for the month of September I’m going cancel my subscription for that. I refuse to cancel my Birchbox subscription and although it’s not essential it’s an important part of my self care and I tend to only get that for cosmetics so it actually is very economical too!

How I will eat if it’s no spend?

As with the household bills I am only going to buy what is absolutely necessary.
I am going to cook cheap, healthy meals, but I will be batch cooking and freezing some, I wont be buying any treats, for example the boys will be fine without malteser spread for a month. It will be a huge benefit to me not to buy a jumbo bar of chocolate every few nights No more coffee’s when I’m out and about, it’s silly when I can have coffee at home. I’m just going to make sure I carry water, again a major health benefit for me.
One of our trips to Costa, this was the day we went to visit Santa.
I’m going to shop online with Tesco and buy as cheaply as possible. Shopping online is easier for me and it also means I will stick to my meal plan Out with the takeaway sandwiches, I’ll make them at home. No shopping trips out! That means no Home Bargains, No Primark . It’s very sad but will be worth it.

My goal

I’m aiming to only use 50% of my earnings and save 50%. Going through my expenses last month I usually I spend that 50 % on non-essential items. I don’t care how much 50 % is of anyone’s earnings it’s waste and can be spent on greater things. My plan is that by the end of the month I will be able to buy myself a cheap little car.

Are you interested in joining me for the No Spend September? I’d love if i wasn’t alone in this, comment below if you’re going to do it and we’ll cheer each other on. If anyone has any other great tips feel free to let me know!

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15 thoughts on “No spend September

  1. This is a great plan and I’m sure you will succeed. I’m also having a no spend month but aiming it mainly at not buying any clothes or shoes! I don’t get much but if I go to the shops I can sometimes be easily tempted (shame on me) Thank you for sharing your post with us at #stayclassymama

  2. A third of the way through now: how’s it going? We could do with trying this as we’ve had an expensive year (wedding!). Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

  3. Sounds like a great plan! I’ve not spent that much recently, mainly because I don’t have any money. But it’s amazing how little you can get by on. My friend and I have ditched going to the coffee shop, instead taking our own cake Nd coffee (in flask) to the park (when it’s dry!). It’s actually been quite nice!! I usually take a proper cafeteria made coffee in a flask, or make a latte and take our own nice mugs. People think we’re off but we’ve saved around £10 each time so don’t care!!

  4. I’d love to do this. I’m dipping a toe in and not allowing myself to buy any clothes for the whole of this month. I looked and last mont I spent a small fortune (but I did stock up on cute jumpers because I’m SO excited for Autumn). I can’t wait to ready about how you did, are you going to post some cheap, batch recipes? I’d love to see them!

    Katie xoxo

  5. Good luck to you!! Online shopping helps me loads, I don’t get sucked in by offers or reductions, clothing reductions are my weakness, plus there’s a Costa inside our local Tesco that calls to me everytime!! #StayClassyMama

  6. I should really do this. I am trying to reduce our spending as we have both Christmas and a trip to Lapland coming up and I’m not doing too badly. But my husband is a nightmare!

  7. U tried to do this once but didn’t last very long. You do find out how much food you have in your house which can be made to make meals. Even if it does end up being a concoction lol. I must try this again x

  8. I definitely need to do this! It’s so easy to get carried away. I definitely you save doing shopping online, you stick to a list without getting tempted by so much other stuff.

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