My Friday Photo #Livingarrows

My First Friday Photo

What is Friday Photo?

I’ve begun Friday photo because I thought it would be nice, once a week to share just a simple photo of my family life that hasn’t been taken specifically for the blog. These photos  are often my favorite kind of photo to look back on, as they are the ones that show a deeper insight into family life and on a personal level bring back great memories and emotions and the days I want my family to be able to look back on and fondly remember the story behind the picture.

My Village has gone Rock Painting crazy

This week my village has come together through Rock Painting. A little late to the party, but better late than never. It was the idea of one of the villagers to begin doing it in our local area and it took off straight away. I think we all knew about about the rock painting craze but sometimes it takes someone just to grab the initiative and get it organised. I have personally seen ladies in their sixties sharing photos of the rocks they’ve found and families heading off out to hide the rocks they have designed. The I Pads are off in favour of designing and painting the rocks.

The Photo

Reece ,my nephew and niece, Just look at my nephews face(center)

I had collected my niece and nephew from school along with Reece just for a couple of hours whilst my sister was still working and after a bite to eat we set out on the rock hunt. The kids loved it! It’s amazing how they work together searching the areas. They were so excited to find the rocks and examine the designs and having their picture taken for the Facebook group to show which ones they had found. I think they enjoyed rehiding even more! 

I love this picture because we had all been having such fun doing it and the children were loving the community of doing it, wondering which of their friends had painted them and seeing others collecting rocks too.

Being Children at play!

I think that’s so important in these times of homework and the technology they have at their fingertips, and the rock craze is ideal as it gets them outdoors, exploring and being creative, it’s great as it’s bringing them altogether.

Have you been enjoying the Rock Painting?


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