If you believe in yourself ANYTHING is possible

How I know that if you begin to believe in yourself Anything is possible

This morning, for the first time in three years I gave in to myself and cried. I allowed myself to cry. They weren’t tears of sadness, or joy. They were tears of self forgiveness, relief and of pride.

I cried because I bloody well deserved to. I cried because I had achieved what I had set out to achieve.A a sense of being proud of myself again ! A feeling I thought I would never ever feel again.

I want you to realise Mama that you deserve your dream too. YOU CAN DO IT !! I know, because I did it and I know where I came from and that if I can live my dream YOU CAN TOO!!

When things are tough, or even if they aren’t but you know you want more, that little part of your ego will chip, chip, chip away at you convincing you that you are’nt good enough, that you don’t have the means or lifestyle to do it and to just give in.

I want you to know you can do it. You can do it and just keep rising higher and setting the goalposts further

My goal at the beginning of 2018

At the beginning of the year I didn’t make New Years resolutions. I sat down with a notebook and wrote a big long list of the things I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. I knew from the past couple of years in my private life that I could, if determined, achieve my goals.

The year previously I had turned my mental health around. I had turned our home life around. In both cases I had to face the realisation that things weren’t what they should be. I had to dig deep and get professional help. I had many deep rooted issues that had tickled alongside my life and I’d avoided them, coped how I best knew how to cope by protecting myself and shutting myself off. You can only avoid issues like that for so long. I was resiliant but I had children to think of and my problems were becoming theirs inadvertantly.

I lived, at that point, for my children. I’d broken down to the point I knew if I didn’t get help something was going to go wrong.

It’s not easy to say you’re not coping and ask for help. I will spend the rest of my days singing the praises of those that helped and supported me through my crisis. WE got practical help, financial assistance and to many it would seem the bare minimum. To me it was heaven sent.

You have to WANT it

Personally I think you HAVE to want to succeed.

My first piece of Silly Mummy wisdom is to work out what drives you?

That was always easy, my children drive me. I want them to know they are loved, to feel safe, to have adventures and see the world. I wanted them to be proud of me. I wanted to be proud of myself.

Follow your passion.

WE all have passion. I know mama, if you don’t feel good you don’t have a passion, but follow your interests. Let your gut instinct take you to places, read, get the soil and grass under your feet, be still. See where your attention leads you.

Set your goal

Once you have your goal………consume, consume, consume!

Read, watch participate in everything you possibly can. For me it was blogging. I wanted to be part of it. I wanted to use a platform to help others achieve personal joy. I wanted to share what I could to help anyone, just one person who had felt they weren’t enough. We are all enough.

Find your Tribe

I was incredibly lucky. Early on in blogging I stumbled across Aby Moore and You baby me mummy. Finding Aby’s content and her book Blogs change Lives helped me learn everything I know now about blogging. I will praise Aby and the girls there for the rest of my days. Those girls share knowledge with open hearts and Aby shares everything she knows and is willing us all on to succeed. I know if I’m stuck they are a question away.

Join groups, get out of the house and join in. IT WORKS MAMA


WORK HARD AT YOUR GOAL, even if you are tired DO FIVE MINUTES towards it, then another, then another.



14 thoughts on “If you believe in yourself ANYTHING is possible

  1. Thank you! I needed read something like this. I need to gain focus again and believe in myself. A great idea for 2019 to write my goals down too!

  2. Ah this sounds so inspiring. I like the idea of writing down goals for the year. Maybe goals and dreams as they are more likely to become a reality if they start out written down

  3. This is so inspiring! I really need to believe in myself more because the world is the limit when it comes to goals 🙂

  4. Love this! Self doubt really holds me back. I feel like since I’ve become a mum, confidence in my work and achieve what I want has really plummeted. It’s really holding me back so I’m going to work on it. Goal setting is really powerful so going to make sure I do this!

    1. Thank you! I think as mums WE ALL lose our confidence especially in work. We all have so much to do and be that we find work slotting around everything else. It takes time management and planning, Once you have your goal then you can work towards it by formulating your plan and sticking to it as much as possible. You can do it !!!

  5. Self doubt and a lack of confidence ruins my life; I know I’m very good at ‘braving through it’, but I also know I need to tackle it head on x

    1. It’s hard to get past but I KNOW you can. Its hard and it can take time. Self doubt often comes from small things said, which eventually you internalise and begin to believe. Try to remember what events or conversations were mad that caused you to feel this way, write them down. Then rebuke them, in your mind or out loud say no that is wrong! Say out loud that you are strong, you ARE able, productive, creative and that you ARE going to succeed.Take every day as a fresh start, Also, it’s an old trick, but it works..Fake it till you make it. Affirmations are great to reprogramme self confidence and for every negative comment you may feel, try and counteract it with 3 positive thoughts x

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