The End of Term

Half Term    Blogtober Day18

This term has gone by so fast hasn’t it? It only feels like a couple off weeks ago that we were sending the kiddos back to school, yet here I am cramming as much work as I can into the last day before the Half Term. Holidays.

This is usually one of my favourite holidays of the school year. I think because it is only a week, so the boredom doesn’t really rear it’s head.

I Love Autumn for loads of reasons, from the weather, the cozy Hygge days and for my family, we always have lots to enjoy in the Half Term .


How was this term?

The whole term has gone really well for us all. 

Dylan began his A Levels and having done extremely well in his GCSE’s , he returned to school far more confident in his abilities and also loving the fact the uniform days are gone and can wear his normal clothes.

He seems more confident in himself too, although I think he would benefit from a little weekend job as it would see him meeting new people and adapting to that, which he needs to do more as University is not too far off.

For me, I’m focusing at home in growing his cooking and practical abilities, so he will be confident when embarking on that part of his life.

This term at school also saw Reece move up to a new class with a new teacher and he adapted to that change smoothly and happily. This class sees far less play, much more structure and homework, so I was concerned previously as to how he would settle in, but it couldn’t of gone better. Reece has been happily doing homework and actually enjoying it.

Award Winner

The absolute highlight of the term was Dylan being presented with not one, but two awards at his school presentation awards day. We were all so proud of him and he was proud  of himself which was great!

Rock Painting

One fun thing we have been joining in with is Rock Painting. This craze finally hit our village this term and has been embraced by all ages of the community. It’s so nice to see children out about in the evenings and weekends taking in the area, finding and re-hiding the rocks. We have the local Facebook page to upload to and it’s always busy with people sharing the finds and designs. 

Halloween, Remembrance Sunday and Christmas rocks have been painted, so I see this continuing a while longer which is fab!

Reece ,my nephew and niece, Just look at my nephews face(center)


My Hairdressing business is ticking along nicely. More would always be nice but I’m extremely happy with how it is, with all customers returning and word of mouth recommendations to others gaining more clients as time goes on. Christmas appointments are being made already which is a great sign of a good December.


I’m overwhelmed with how quickly my blog is growing. I love everything about blogging. It really keeps my mind active and not one week is the same as another and I’m constantly learning as I go.

My DA has jumped from 6 at the beginning of September to a whopping 18 now. I’m sure that growth will slow down but it’s a sign I’m doing things right.

I’ve had some great opportunities and lot’s of exciting ones coming up. I have already accomplished all my goals when I set up this blog so I do need to reevaluate how it is to progress in 2019.

What I’ve Loved This Term

I don’t tend to watch TV, but I do love a Netflix binge at weekend. At the moment I’m loving Gotham!

My favourite product is without a doubt my Winky Lux, a strobing balm in radiant pink which fantastically arrived in my Birchbox and I am obsessed with it.

Winky Lux

New addition 

My sisters cat had a litter of kittens, and being somewhat of a cat lady, I jumped at the chance to have one. She’s a been an absolute breath of fresh air to our old cat Prinny and she’s actually very maternal towards the kitten who we have named BOO.

Boo loves sleeping on me

Funniest thing Reece has said (whilst watching You Tube)

Whaaat? Elf frozen in ice, This better not be clickbait!!!

Dating?……..Say Whaaaaat!

I almost forget to tell you all about that! You will have to keep your eyes peeled for that post.

All in all a great month. All three boys are healthy and happy , no major hiccups and life progressing nicely. We have lot’s of fun planned for the half term so please come back to see our adventures!

How has your first term back at school been? Do let me know.


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  1. I love Gotham but am not sure where we are up to as we’ve watched it on various channels and platforms so I don’t thikn we are up to date yet. I’m glad your kids have had such a positive start to the school year and I hope they manage to get some rest this half term. Thanks for linking upw ith #stayclassymama

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