My Top 5 Advent Calendars 2018

My Silly Mummy Top 5 Advent Calendar Ideas for the family

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We all love an Advent Calendar don’t we? The trouble being which one to choose from? There are so many varieties of Advent Calendar available, some can be hard to get hold of by mid November and some are really pricey. I thought I would share with you my top choices early giving you lots of time to get the ones you want and if you decide to go for one that is a tad more costly, you have time to adjust your Christmas budget to factor it in.

Playmobil Advent Calendar, Royal Ice Skating Trip with a Childrens Bracelet

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I love these kinds of Advent Calendar, I think it’s lovely to keep gathering the pieces as the month goes along. It is a long way from the Cardboard ones I had as a child . I was happy to see the pictures behind the door and fun act; I had the same Advent Calendar through my entire childhood.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

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This is my choice for Reece this year, He’s a huge Star Wars fan and cannot wait to give him this on December 1st!!

Make and fill your own Advent (DIY) Calendar Children’s Vintage Christmas Tree Decoration with Boxes

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I think this a brilliant idea for advent as it’s a really fun activity for the children to make the boxes , not only that, it could work out really economical as you could bulk buy sweets or chocolates / tiny gifts to put into the boxes. A really fun idea would be to write down a different Christmas activity you can do with the children that day ie: Making Mince pies or Decorating the tree and pop the note in for the children top read when they open up the box.

For MUM  Secret Possibility Of London 24 Days of Advent Body Mist Calendar

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Accentra Advent Calendar for Men

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What is your favourite type of Advent Calendar? I will be updating this post occasionally if I come across any great buys I’d like you to know about so please keep an eye out!

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