About Me

I am a single parent living in the beautiful countryside in the north of England. I grew up with my grandparents on a very rural smallholding and enjoyed a happy idyllic childhood. 

I’m also a Freelance hairstylist, make up obsessive and currently enjoying finding my personal sense of Style.

I fully admit I’m very quirky and I totally embrace those quirks , I live from one Christmas to the other I’m Disney crazy and I love all things spiritual and Law of Attraction. As with most bloggers I love social media and I’m a bit of an Instagram geek!

  Adult Life has had its down times and experienced enough hard times for one lifetime, which leads me to WHY i started My Silly Mummy. 

If I can help ONE person feel less alone, less sad, less defeated, less worthless, I will consider this blog a success. I want my readers to realise all is not lost, there IS more and there ARE solutions. 


I am currently loving finding beautiful budget friendly style

Being a mum I lost my sense of style,and often I pushed back my needs ,now I embrace self love I understand it isn’t selfish to buy myself nice things.I finally feel I know what style I enjoy and what suits my curvy body shape

This cup says it all


I have coffee running through my veins.

I Love Cosmetics, Make up, clothes and work as a Freelance Hairstylist.

Sarcastic? A little, but mainly just a joker, I LOVE to laugh.

Meet the boys

My Eldest boy . Fun loving, lively and a real lads lad. He was the one to make me a Mum, my first unconditional Love. He’s left home now and I really struggle with him not being around but equally so proud of him.

Meet D. Shy, and very very funny and the academic of the family. Currently studying A Levels, he’s head boy and beginning his journey to university. It goes without saying I AM DREADING THAT Dylan was born prematurely, and weighed only 3lb 13oz at birth.

Meet Little, the baby of the family. He is just a blessing to us all. Very lively, always happy, always jumping and skipping around. He’s a big fan of Minecraft, Pokemon, Roblox and Ball games.

If you would like to work with us check out our work with me page


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