About Me





Hi There, Thank you for joining in the silliness ! I’m Kelly, I’m an over 40 Cumbrian single mum to three boys.


I’m a freelance hairstylist so I will  be sharing tips and hints on the blog to banish any hair myths or problems you have, Beauty tips on a budget and affordable fashion.


5 fun facts about Kelly

1…I am a complete coffee addict!  I’ve cut down a lot but I’m very aware that it’s not normal  to drink a huge cup before bed and not feel the effects.


2…I’m a total Bridget Jones character! I’m clumsy, I like to think I’m funny, I have spent several New Years Eves crying along to All by myself whilst watching Bridget Jones crying to All by myself on New Years Eve!!!   I also have somewhat of an inability to keep a man and the one’s I do like are bad news  ( Don’t worry, I wont be dishing out dating wisdom, because there is none.


3…I love all the wrong kind of foods, you know cakes, even more so Cheesecake! Chocolate, Brownies, Donuts. Yep sweet tooth over here.


4…I’m working so hard to be able to take my boys on a trip of a lifetime to Florida.


5…I live one Christmas to the next. I lOVE it so much, the traditions, the decorations, the movies, SANTA and the food……Oh yes, expect lots of Christmas chat on My Silly Mummy.





I’ve always loved writing, photography and social media and it blew my mind a little last year when I discovered blogging and realised I could enjoy my three greatest hobbies doing one thing.


How did I go so long never knowing about blogging?


I started My Silly Mummy to reach out and support anyone just needing a little practical help, a listening ear and to show that whatever the problem there is some way to make things a little better, happier and to see we as Mama’s don’t have to let things happen. We can still create the life we deserve.







Life is not always easy and we all have obstacles to face on our journey .  I’ve faced and dealt with many situations throughout my adult life which eventually broke me. I have now found a method in which I never fail to see the positive, after being a procrastinater,  I’m now very proactive and I enjoy a wonderful happy lifestyle and on a budget. I want YOU to live the amazing lifestyle you deserve !!!!










Let me introduce you to the family.




Meet Ryan he is 20 ( I know I don’t look old enough to have a 20 year old but he is ! )







I hate the fact he doesn’t live at home anymore, but you have to let them go….sadly. Ryan is always on the go, he loves a beer, his dogs and is very outgoing, a real northern lad. He has been with his girlfriend for three years now and she’s the one for him .



Meet my 16-year-old Dylan!


Dylan was born prematurely and weighed just 3 lbs 13 when he was born, he’s much quieter than Ryan, he laughs at my jokes so he clearly has an amazing sense of humour. Dylan also is very camera-shy so you may not see much of him.






This is Reece, the baby of the family at 6 years old and quite the character! He loves Lego, Minecraft and Star Wars. He also has us all exactly where he wants us!




Time goes by so fast so I hope to document things for them to look back on in the future.





Meet Princess our cat commonly known as Prinny, she eats and sleeps and pesters Dylan as much as possible, she adores him and he adores her.





We live in the countryside and love it. People often ask if it’s too quiet, but it really isn’t. I think when you’ve always lived rurally you take it as a normal part of life having to travel for shopping or adventure’s.




I hope you enjoy getting to know us and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all too.