About Me

I am a single parent living in the beautiful countryside in the north of England.

I’m also a Freelance hairstylist, work in our local village shop and a make up obsessive and currently enjoying finding my personal sense of Style.

I fully admit I’m very quirky and I totally embrace those quirks. I live from one Christmas to the other I’m Disney crazy and I love all things spiritual and Law of Attraction. As with most bloggers I love social media and I’m a bit of an Instagram geek!

Life has had its down times and I’ve experienced enough hard times for one lifetime, which leads me to WHY i started My Silly Mummy.

If I can help ONE person feel less alone, less sad, less defeated, less worthless, I will consider this blog a success. I want my readers to realise all is not lost, by sharing what worked for me and what life hacks we have and to prove that there IS more and there ARE solutions.


I am currently loving finding beautiful budget friendly style

Being a mum I lost my sense of style,and often I pushed back my needs ,now I embrace self love I understand it isn’t selfish to buy myself nice things. I finally feel I know what style I enjoy and what suits my curvy body shape.

This cup says it all

I have coffee running through my veins.

I Love Cosmetics, Make up, clothes and work as a Freelance Hairstylist.

Sarcastic? A little, but mainly just a joker, I LOVE to laugh.

Meet the boys

My Eldest boy . Fun loving, lively and a real lads lad. He was the one to make me a Mum, my first unconditional Love. He’s left home now and I really struggle with him not being around but equally so proud of him.

Meet D. Shy, and very very funny and the academic of the family. Currently studying A Levels, he’s head boy and beginning his journey to university. It goes without saying I AM DREADING THAT Dylan was born prematurely, and weighed only 3lb 13oz at birth.

Meet Little, the baby of the family. He is just a blessing to us all. Very lively, always happy, always jumping and skipping around. He’s a big fan of Minecraft, Pokemon, Roblox and Ball games.

If you would like to work with us check out our work with me page


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