A Healthy way of life

I am so fired up for my new healthy way of life that I decided to share with you my plan and how I am going to go about this. I also figure that if I put it out there on my blog, I have only one option, success!

I have had an ongoing struggle with my weight all throughout my adult life, it began around the time I owned my first salon. I was only nineteen and I used to treat myself to fast food, takeaways, eating out and going out drinking at the weekends. If I had a quiet half hour in the salon I used to nip out to the newsagents on the corner for a treat I remember I developed a real taste for Walkers tomato sauce crisps and Walls feasts, I’d have both daily.

I grew up on a little small holding in the middle of nowhere, sweets were a very occasional treat and when I think of meals they were all generally healthy foods cooked from scratch. I was always active, running around the fields, riding bikes, skipping and I loved being outdoors. I was slim, strong and healthy. I actually don’t think I’ve done any sport since I left school.

I yo-yoed with my weight throughout my twenties and thirties. I’d eventually lose weight between having children, but my youngest is six now and it hasn’t gradually fallen off as it did with my elder two, and infact I’ve gained four stone in the course of that six years.

I am a huge advocate of body positivity and I hugely believe that we should embrace ourselves no matter what size or shape. I think we are all wonderful as we are. I’m not one that hides myself in black or baggy clothes. I think that you can dress to flatter whatever your size. My problem is I just don’t feel comfortable, I feel tired and sluggish and the fact is I am forty three, I have three children whom I want to live a long time for. My family has had a lot of losses through heart problems, and diabetes, and I don’t want to add to that statistic. I want to be fit enough to run around a football pitch with my little boy like I did with the elder two.

I made the decision last week that enough was enough, I was sick of nipping to the shop in the evening just to stock up on chocolate and Ice cream, and just as I’d made my mind up I came across a lovely group on Facebook and they are so encouraging and supportive. I realised that was the perfect solution at last I had support.

So I absolutely resolve to do this and this is my plan.

Im a firm believer in visualisation techniques, I really do believe that the body can achieve what the mind believes. So then I had to think, what do I want to achieve with this plan? how will I feel? I am thirteen stone eleven and five foot four, I have a large bone structure and broad back so I will never by very slim, so I am aiming for ten stone. I have not set a date I want to achieve this by, I will be patient and know it will happen

I am a huge coffee lover and I take milk two sugars so that has to stop. Caffeine is not great for you and a bag of sugar per week is certainly not, so I know I can’t cut coffee out completely, but I’ve swopped sugar for sweetener and I’m only going to have a couple in the mornings and one with dinner. I must ensure I drink water, I started just before last weekend and I’m gradually upping my intake and I’m actually enjoying water now.

I’ve bought lots of vegetables and fruit and I’ve decided that I will cut out white starchy carbs for the time being. I’ve swopped pasta for the wholemeal variety and swopped the white bread for wholemeal. I’ve decided to cut out sugar so that means no cakes, no chocolates, or ice cream. I’m sure I won’t stick to that forever but just to break my sugar addiction it needs to happen.

I’m not at all fit, so for now I’m just having a walk daily and keeping active as my fitness improves I will incorporate some excersize, but for now that is what I’ll do.

I promise I won’t become a diet bore but I thought I would update you monthly and let you know how it goes, and please if you are inspired to do this with me let me know and we can cheer each other along.


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