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9 Tips to help your child Starting School

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Is your little one Starting school this time?

It’s that time of year when thousands of parents in the UK are preparing for their little ones Starting School. It’s such a huge milestone, and so important that it goes as well as it can for you and your little one.

I thought I’d share with you some really good tips to help that transition to primary school be as smooth and happy for your child as possible.

I know exactly how you’re feeling in the days and weeks running up to that first day at big school, its bloomin’ emotional! It’s a toughie.

When my eldest started, I was a wreck, I cried for days beforehand, and when I dropped him off, he was heartbroken and although he was only in school until twelve for the first week there, I must of rung the school three times, half wishing they said come for him he cant cope without you, of course they said he was absolutely fine.

With my middle son, it was much easier I had a good few years of parenting behind me and his big brother was there with him, it gave a sense of comfort, although I still cried, (its one of the most emotional times with your little one, walking away from the school ) it wasn’t as hard going.

I was so worried about Reece starting school

I think perhaps because the older two were at school when Reece was born, and being the only parent to Reece, we had always been together, he’d been going to pre-school a couple of mornings a week, but he didn’t like it and his little lip used to quiver when he used to wave goodbye to me, so I knew I had to implement what had worked in regards to the other two settling into school, and find and use as many tips as I could to make sure he settled happily into school.

Here are 9 tips that might make starting school as gentle as possible for your child.


As commitments allow, try to establish a great evening routine. Work out the hours your child sleeps and try to ensure that they will be up with plenty of time for a good breakfast, time to get ready, chat and time for you to do what you need to do in the morning.


Try to keep talking to your child about school, be enthusiastic when talking about the fun things they will be doing there, and how much they will learn and do.

Talk about the teachers

I’m sure that by now, your child will of spent a small amount of time in the school or perhaps had a home visit from the reception teacher, so often positively mention the teacher by name, this will foster a sense of familiarity and safety.

Go shopping

Take your child with you when you go to buy school uniform, make a fun day of it, this will also help the child ease into preparing for school.


It’s also a really good idea to make sure that your child is able dress themselves for PE and to wash and dry their hands well, one thing you’ll realise is that school are a breeding ground for bugs!


There’s lots of really good books for children starting school, such as Amelia Bedelia’s First day at school.


Several days before your little one starts, mention what time you will be collecting them from the school, remind them what time you’ll collect whilst you get ready that morning, as you are travelling to school, and just as you drop off at school. I found that Reece really reacted well to this and it became part of our school routine for a long while.

Celebrate it

Try to make it a really happy occasion, speak positively and enthusiastically that morning, keep it upbeat and matter of fact.

Don’t cry

I see you Mama…….. I know you will be feeling so many emotions at the thought of your baby heading off to school, I know those precious years go way too fast, it hurts your heart a little to think of being apart. I promise by that second week you will be smashing that school run! The schools in our country are amazing, and the teachers really do know how to help the child settle well. Let your little one head into this new phase of their life, seeing your confident smile and bright eyes!

I hope this post helps a little with your new starter.

If you’ve enjoyed this post and have any more advice or tips for Starting school please feel free to leave a comment below.

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