7 Tips to get Hair Summer ready

It’s time to get your hair summer ready!

Now that spring has arrived and the weather on the whole is starting to get warmer and brighter at long last, my attention is being drawn to Spring/Summer clothing, fake tanning, sunglasses, brightening up my dull winter skin and I’m just looking forward to that sunny summer weather

One of the main focuses of my summer prep is getting my hair looking great again. I am a freelance hairstylist by trade, but believe me at times, my own hair is absolutely an after thought and more so in winter.

I feel like I’ve been wearing the classic mum bun for at least six months, which is all well and good in winter wearing hoods and hats but as I am enjoying my new found self love and self confidence, I want my style to start reflecting that.

I need a change!

I thought that I’d share with you my 7 tips to sorting out our crowning glory.

Improving Condition

The most important step is improving the condition of your hair, and there are plenty of ways this can be achieved.

Choose great products

I always advise to invest in a great shampoo and conditioner. I would recommended asking your stylist which shampoo and conditioner they think would be most suitable for your hair. Salon products are slightly more expensive for some of us, so alternatively shops like Home bargains and B&M do stock excellent hair products such as TIGI at a fraction of the cost.

Conditioning Treatments

If your hair is dry and Damaged I highly recommended applying an intensive conditioning treatment twice weekly. A great product to invest in is leave in conditioner as these continue to nourish hair long after your is dry.

Protect your hair

Use a heat defence spray before blow drying your hair or straightening. Heat is so damaging to hair condition and colour. Heat protector will coat your hair and limit damage.

Stay hydrated

I cannot place enough importance in drinking water, it is essential for healthy glossy hair as it is for a hydrated body and skin.

Eat well

As with water, dietary factors into healthy hair and hair growth. You are what you eat! For healthy Hair skin and nails eat lots of vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds and fish.

Get a good haircut

Central heating does the hair no favours in winter, quite simply it dries the hair out. The wind, the hats even the constant fastening up of hair causes a strain to the hair and can weekend and damage the hair. A good haircut will not only massively reduce the damage caused over Autumn/ Winter but it will also have an uplifting effect to your self confidence. If your feeling like a change why not head into Summer with a new hair new me statement?


I think this time of year is a really good time ho go for that change in colour you’ve been thinking of. Highlights or Balayage are an excellent option for brightening up the hair and achieving a nice sun kissed look.

Mine is currently a deep warm brown and more greys peeping through than I would like. The style is just a long layered Bob bit I’m not happy with it the way it is. I’m naturally fair haired and was always pretty experimental with my hair. Its just not a good reflection of me and I love to see personality shining through with peoples hair. So soon I will show you what I’m going to do with mine. I’m planning funky and blonde!

I’d love to know if any of you use my tips and how it goes for you!

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